1/60th of a second, plus every moment that came before

It's just the click of the button, that satisfying snap of the shutter, that perfect beam of soft light, that crisp focus on her eye at the exact moment he makes her laugh. Photography tells a story that is so much more than just pressing a button. It's 1/60th of a second, plus every minute, every hour, and every day spent behind the camera before it. This collection of moments are a story — one that you'll get to relive for the rest of time.

Who am I?


 Raised outside of Edmonton, Alberta, I moved to Montréal in 2017 to pursue a career as a photographer/science communicator. I developed a love for photography by competing for the front covers of newspapers and magazines as a young journalist. Since then, there's hardly a single day where I leave the house without bringing a camera along to document the splendor of my surroundings.

     These days, you can find me studying in the library, hiking Mt. Royal, or biking downtown with a camera in hand. I love telling the story of an event piecing together the intimate smiles, tears, and laughter that make up the crowd.

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